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Small groups to join

Life is better together...


Every woman has a story that should be heard. Join a diverse community of women who are passionate about bringing Heaven to Earth, who love and supports one another through the good and bad times. Build a stronger relationship with God through empowering relationships with fellow women.


Committed to guiding you into all that God destined you to be, our Men’s Ministry consists of individuals that strengthen each other and build lifelong friendships. Join our community of brothers in Christ and lead better in your family or your workplace.


Our youth group is here to build a strong community of young people who are passionate about the word of God. We strive to create a culture where everyone is accepted and loved. 


We provide a fun and age-appropriate setting where your little ones can begin to learn about Christ’s word in fun and creative ways. Our Children’s Ministry is leading the next generation to a gospel-centered life and allowing them to come to know God at an early age.

Held during normal Sunday Service hours.

Ministry Form
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