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Join us for two Wednesdays with our guest, Messianic Jew Joseph Cohen, where we will be diving into his life and listening in on the testimony of his conversion.

Read more about Joseph Cohen and his phenomenal testimony below.

Rev. Joseph Cohen

International Jewish Evangelist

Rev. Cohen was raised in a conservative Jewish home.  At an early age he recognized there was a void in his life. Nothing filled the emptiness, not religion, neither material goods, nor his work or people.  He also used all different types of drugs to try and fill the void.  Alcohol, illegal barbiturates and gambling entered his life.  In the beginning they were all pleasurable.  The void was temporarily filled at the time of indulgence, but after the high wore off, the emptiness was still there.  Not only did he become addicted to all of the above, they became his god and he became a slave to them.  


Joseph became curious about Jesus when a religious Catholic girl (whom he used to party with) gave her life to Christ. He watched her for 2 years and saw a complete change in her life. He wanted to know the truth concerning Jesus.


One day Rev. Cohen asked God to show him if Jesus was truly the Messiah.  A short time after his request, he had a supernatural encounter with the Lord.   At that time he had no idea what had happened. All over his body he was filled with heat. It was as though he was thrown into a burning oven. Now, he knows that God baptized him in the Holy Spirit. Instantly the void was filled with God’s love, peace and joy. This experience happened in his home. That evening he was delivered (and still is) from those worldly pleasures that were destroying him. This happened over 39 years ago. God instantly answered his prayer; he found out the truth that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

Evangelist Cohen has a TV and radio show besides preaching for thirty six- years. Besides ministering in many states, his travels have taken him to Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad, Grenada, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

Time: 7PM - 8:30PM

Location: Hyatt Regency Morristown

3 Speedwell Ave. Morristown, NJ 07960

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